Crimebeat focuses on providing grants to organisations which help reduce crime by proactive means, with education and guidance to the young, highlighting the causes and damaging effects of crime and the dangers of drug, solvent and alcohol abuse.

By supporting a wide variety of projects through grants we help give young people the opportunity to use their own energy, imagination and enthusiasm to develop crime prevention initiatives themselves, giving them confidence and a sense of purpose.

Initiatives include advice for the young on CVs, helping them obtain employment, and a moped hire scheme to encourage travel to work in rural areas. We support social events, debating societies, sports clubs, adventure play equipment, arts and crafts and a variety of Summer activities.

Bored young can very quickly drift into disillusionment and crime, and our aim is to help prevent this by keeping them occupied and giving them responsibility for their own actions, leading to a sense of worth and achievement.

Crimebeat has given support to a number of projects throughout Somerset involving activities, sports and games for children of all ages. Click here for a list of grants awarded.

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Report from Connecting Families Service, Bath

As a result of a grant received from Crimebeat we were able to arrange a visit to Longleat Adventure and Safari park. The day was set up to encourage families to spend quality time together, engaging in positive activities away from the stresses of everyday life. Many of the families do not have the financial means to go on holiday or have a break so this was an opportunity for them to do something that they might otherwise not have the chance to and to share in new experiences with their own family members, meet new people and develop their relationships with their family key worker.

29 people attended the day, the commitment from families was excellent and we had 100% attendance on the day from those booked on. The families were taken on the coach through the animal safari park, seeing lions, tigers, giraffes and many more animals. It was great to see some of the younger children experiencing the adventure play area and exploring the maze and other spaces too. There was also plenty of opportunity to get inspired by the animals and the care taken by Longleat staff to look after them. Many of the young people held the animals with certain acts of bravery when it came to holding snakes and tarantulas!

Many of the young people who attended are currently being supported to engage in an education provision and many struggle with the pressure that this brings. Engaging in positive activities at a setting such as Longleat gave families the opportunity to build resilience, increase social and work related prospects, improve inter-generational relationships and make informed choices about their lives. Parents had the chance to be with their children in a safe setting, away from daily pressures and with positive encouragement and support from keyworkers. Judging by the feedback received, having time for some 'head-space' seemed greatly appreciated.

As a result of the trip, many children and young people who might otherwise have been engaged in anti-social behaviour were supported to build networks and experience a day where they could feel proud to be themselves, laugh and have fun whilst being encouraged to try new things. Overall feedback has given us a strong message that people need time out and that they feel grateful for being invited to take part in something where they feel valued and are treated with respect. Arguably there have been clear benefits towards the emotional and physical well-being of all participants.

'We had a lovely day at Longleat. Our favourite thing was the boat trip and seeing all the animals.'

'I just wanted to get away from Bath for the day and spend some much needed time with my son, Marley. I also love Longleat.'

'It was enjoyable and fun. All my family had a fantastic day, thank you.'

'I enjoyed going in the maze, seeing all the animals and doing all the different challenges.'
Young person

'Seeing my Mum holding a snake was my best thing and being with my family.'
Young person

'We had an amazing day today and we enjoyed everything. Thank you so much we had a really lovely family time together.'
Hoskins family

Trip to Longleat

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Priorswood Community Centre, with the help of an army of volunteers and the support of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, runs a full programme of activities, including the Pride in Priorswood summer holiday events in Lyngford Park, Taunton, pictured on the right

Priorswood Community Centre

Wookey Hole - December 2015

Report from Connecting Families Service, Bath

Connecting Families were fortunate to receive funding from Crimebeat to take a group of families to Wookey Hole in the Christmas School holidays. A total of 11 families, 40 family members came to Wookey Hole Caves on the 22nd December 2015.  Many of the families had not been before as the cost had prevented them from going, so this was a fantastic opportunity for them.

The coach picked up the families from the various points and they arrived at the Caves for 11 am. On arrival the first point of call was to visit Santa Land, where each child received a gift and letter from Santa. Everyone enjoyed a healthy lunch; this was also donated from the funding. After visiting the caves, and watching a 4d Christmas movie, everyone then went on to watch the Christmas Circus Show.

The coach left Wookey Hole at 4pm, on the coach trip home we gathered feedback from both children and adults, it was evident that none of the families had been to Wookey Hole Caves before, and everyone had a fantastic day.

Without the funding from Crimebeat these particular families would not have had the great family day and enjoyed the activities provided. The day gave the families an ideal opportunity to spend valuable time together, without the worry of their finances, and their other family stresses.  It also gave the Connecting Families key workers an ideal opportunity to discuss with the children why they were not attending school on a regular basis. The day was a great success.

Feedback from the Children

"I really enjoyed the caves and the prehistoric garden"

"I really enjoyed the circus"

"I had an amazing day"

"Everything was great"

"It was fantastic"

"I loved the coach trip"

"The 4D cinema was great"

"I would have liked more time in the caves as I've never been before"

"I loved meeting Father Christmas"

"We've never been before, we've got to the entrance and not gone in as we couldn't afford it"

"When can we go again?"

Off the Streets - 8-13 August 2016

Somerset Crimebeat funding helped Children’s World Charity (Patron Michael Eavis) to provide a week of fun-filled activities in the summer holidays for children from the Glastonbury area.

The comments from the children and their carers are a fitting tribute the organisers.

A short video compilation of the week’s activities can be viewed here:

Wildlife Encounter (under 8’s and their carers)

Music & Songwriting for 8’s and over

Parkour workshop for 8’s and over

Street Dance

Science & Flight

Farm day (under 8’s)

Farm Day (over 8’s)


Boogie Bum Bums (dance and play for under 8’s and their carers)

Night Walk (as well as marshmallows round the campfire for 12’s and over from the local area and London)

Cookery 1

Circus Skills (stilts, unicycles, juggling, diabolo, hula hoops, poi and simple acrobalance)

Drama & Storytelling (under 8’s)

Southwest Bass IV (16’s and over)

The South West Bass crew provided an evening of dance music.

Cookery 2


Adventures in Science (under 8’s)


On the Saturday the Market Cross in Glastonbury and Paddington Farm were ‘mobbed’. The flashmobs can be seen here:

Summer Savvy - July to September 2016

‘Summer Savvy’ was planned and delivered by youth workers, Mendip YMCA staff, volunteers and young people, with support from Street Parish Council and local Police officers.

The project lasted through 7 weeks of summer holidays and had contact with a total of 278 youngsters in the Street area.

It aimed to increase young people’s understanding of drugs and alcohol and their impact within the community and on their own lives, at the same time enabling their participation in community activities and encouraging them to stay safe and support each other.

10 separate 3-hour sessions were ‘topped and tailed’ by a BBQ and swim event at Greenbank Swimming Pool on 22 July and an interactive stall at the Merriman Park fun day event on 3 September.

The project was delivered wherever young people were to be found, the main areas being Street skate park, McDonalds, Merriman Park, Portland Park and outside Street library.

Included were fun games with beer goggles, remote control cars and hand-eye coordination games such as badminton and circus skills. More focused work showed young people how to recognise different types of drugs and alcohol, with added factual information about the effects and the law concerning each drug. There were interactive games and discussions based on alcohol and drugs awareness and being safe and sensible over the summer months

The discussions also served to inform the organisers of the young people’s attitudes and actions concerning drugs and alcohol, providing useful insight which was analysed into various age groups.

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